How to use the application

Asketch offers a very simple drawing interface. The goal is to keep the application interface out of your way so you can get in there and draw.

A two finger tap will bring up the menu. (You can also swipe from the bottom of the screen)


Non 3D Touch enabled devices
Use the focus circle to control the line width and the sketchiness of the stroke. The smaller the circle, the more focused/darker the drawing will be. The bigger the circle the lighter and more scketch like the pencil will be. The focus cirle is accessed via a pinch gesture. (Unless the app is in zoom mode)
3D Touch enabled devices
If your device is pressure sensitive, the harder you press while drawing, the thicker the stroke will be and the less sketchy.

Using your thumb while lightly sketching will switch over to a smudge effect.


Non 3D Touch enabled devices
The eraser will work in Adaptive mode by default. This starts off very lightliy erasing, but progresively becomes more aggressive as you scrub over a given area. The surface area exposed by your finger will define the size of the eraser. If you use the pinch/twist gesture to configure the eraser this cancels adaptive mode, and gives you explicit control of the size and opacity. To get back to Adaptive mode, select the pencil again and then re-select the eraser.
3D Touch enabled devices
If your device is pressure sensitive, merely controlling the pressure you apply to the screen will control how aggressive the eraser is. The surface area exposed by your finger controls the size of the eraser head. If the focus circle is enabled, you can override the behavior to regain explicit control.


Don't like that last stroke? Use UNDO to revert to your previous state. This works up to 20 times. Swipe the UNDO button to display the REDO button.


This will save your drawing and open the gallery

Managing your drawings:

Press the select button if you wish to delete or export a drawing.

Touch the drawings you wish to export and a checkbox will appear.

Use the Export or Trash icons on the bottom left.

Tap the leftmost edge of the gallery-strip to quick-scroll back to the beginning of the gallery.

Reverse pinch the image to clone it.

Touch the drawing you wish to edit next. The leftmost drawing is always blank for new drawings.


Tired of this drawing? Click the trash-can to delete it and start over again. If you made a mistake here, just press UNDO to bring it back. Note, this will destroy any active drawing regardless of whether it has been saved or not. If you wish to keep the drawing and start a new one, save to bring up the gallery then select the leftmost blank drawing.

Zooming and Panning

Zooming and panning work while in "Zoom Mode." Zoom Mode can be activated by tapping the screen with two figers simultaneously, or by moving the focus circle aside once it's activated. If you see a zoom percentage indicator at the top of the screen you are in Zoom Mode. If the focus circle has been disabled in Settings then by default Asketch is in zoom mode, regardless of if the zoom circle shows.

Image Transformation

Image transformation is similar to zooming in some ways but its purpose ultimately very different. If you find yourself running out of room because you changed your mind of the framing of your drawing, the transform functionalitiy let's you permanently change it's position, scale and rotation. Once you change it you can go back with undo, but it's more or less permanent. It is accessed the same way accessing zoom works. Touch the screen with two fingers to bring up the menu. Instead of bringing your fingers outward (to zoom in) pinch them together to make the image smaller. Once you do this from a neutral image position (not already zoomed in) the program changes modes and will not allow drawing unless you confirm or cancel the transform operation.